Is it a cold? Is it a bug? No. Its her teeth.

For a friend who has all this to come… very very soon!

Some babies can cut teeth with absolutely no issue, but others really struggle. Our little one has no problem with her bottom ones but her top ones really do bother her. At the moment, she has six bottom teeth and four on top with two more ready to sprout any day now.

And we know about it.

Our usually happy little lady is sporting not one, but two rather stylish dribble bibs at a time, is super snotty and is evil-eyeing everyone. The only thing I can do to help is let her chew on some cool apple and dose her up with baby nurofen.

It’s easier now that we have come to terms with teething and we know the symptoms inside out but when she was cutting her first tooth I thought she was seriously ill; and on paper you can see why. She had a runny nose, was weepy and clingy, had a poorly tummy and a slight temperature. So, like any first time mum I took her to the doctor who made me feel a little bit silly when he explained that it was all down to the dreaded teeth. He recommended to try and distract her from the pain rather than treat it with medication. Which is great advice but not always practical. Our daughter couldn’t sleep at night and was miserable; she was not fussed with her milk either and was subsequently hungry. We tried her with teething powders but they seemed to upset her tum even more. We tried a chilled wash cloth to chew on. She threw it back at us in a fit of rage. So baby nurofen it was! When you feel so utterly helpless you will try anything to avoid seeing your child in so much pain.

Now she is a pro at teething, we tend to know when the next one is coming because her mood will change and really you cant blame her. As an adult its hell when you have toothache so it must be even harder for a baby who doesn’t understand what hurts and why. For our little one, it tends to last between 5 and 14 days and has been known to coincide with ear infections. Whether these ear infections are related to the teeth or are separate depends on the doctor that we see (old school says yes, new says no), but the infections are easily spotted by the ear tugging, waxy discharge and redness inside her ear.

The only positive is that once the teeth have cut, we get a reprieve of about 8 weeks until the next two come. On the plus side, I’ve heard that teething stops at around two and a half years…… only another 13 months for us to go!

One thought on “Is it a cold? Is it a bug? No. Its her teeth.

  1. Teething and ear pain does hurt and it breaks a parents heart when our child is in pain. When it is really bad, tylenol helps. of course, best comfort is our TLC( tender loving care). Thanks for this post.


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